Bouncer Eric Wasson, in this YouTube video, shows how easily he was able to disarm a man in just 5 seconds.

Wasson works as a bouncer at Johnny Baby’s bar located near University Avenue in St. Paul. Recently, an incredible incident happened at the bar, when Wasson disarmed a gunman who was attempting to enter the bar with a gun.

1. Wasson was the security guard located at the bar’s door, when one night, a man came armed with a gun.

Wasson initially tried to calm the situation by smiling at the gunman and just trying to build up a conversation with him. He tried his best to calm him down, but the gunman didn’t listen and told him to move away and took out his weapon.


Almost 150 people were present in the bar at the time of this incident. Luckily, no one was injured because Wasson quickly reacted and ran towards the gunman and as they got into a fight, his weapon flew out twice.

3. Wasson was given the Chief’s Award for Valor, highest award possible for a citizen, by St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith.

Smith commented that Mr. Wasson was the real hero on that day. He also said at the award ceremony that Wasson was really brave and showed a lot of courage to protect the customers of the bar from any harm. Wasson also has two children, and they are definitely proud of their father. The gunman was found guilty in court and arrested.

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