Mina Justice, whose son Eddie Justice was present at the scene of the Orlando shooting, has revealed the heart breaking messages that she exchanged with her son when he was in the Orlando nightclub yesterday, where a gunman opened fire.At least 50 people were murdered and more than 53 people are injured severely.


When Eddie, who is 30 years old, sent the first text, Mina was sleeping. Her son was trapped in a bathroom of the Florida gay club, where he along with many others were kept as hostage by the suspected gunman, Omar Mateen.

His first message was “Mommy I love you.”


He messaged at 2:06 AM, “They are now in the club. They are shooting everybody.”

Mina called him but he didn’t answer. She then texted him whether he was ok, and around a minute later, a reply came, “Trapped in the bathroom”.

He replied he was at the Pulse club downtown when Mina asked him where he was. He texted her and asked to inform the police immediately. Soon afterwards, another message was received, “I am going to die.”

Mina immediately called 911 and replied to her son, “I have already called them. Stay in there. Please answer our phone. Call me please.”

He sent his mother a message at 2:39 AM, “Call them mommy. Now.”


He then added that he was hiding in the bathroom: “I am going to die, he’s almost here.”

He also informed Mina that many people have been injured. Mina asked him whether that gunman was in the same bathroom. He replied in the affirmative, and said “He’s a terror”. After a few minutes, the last message came on her phone – “Yes”.


Almost 15 hours have passed since Eddie’s last message, but Mina still hasn’t heard from him or even seen him in the news.

“His name hasn’t been shown yet and that is what scares me. I am having a bad feeling about this.”, said Mina, while she was in tears.

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