Jennifer Grey aka Baby has just one more summer till she joins the Peace Corps. She wants to enjoy her youth to the maximum, but she is upset since she has to stay at a resort in Catskills. However, it turns out that she is quite lucky since the dance instructor of the resort, Patrick Swayze aka Johnnywanted her as his dance partner, and gradually they fall in love. However, Baby’s father doesn’t approve of this relationship, but she wants to help him for the last time at a big performance in the summer. Here are some interesting facts about the movie “Dirty Dancing” that you probably are not aware of. I am sure that no. 7 will surprise you.

1. Initially, the movie Grandview, U.S.A was assigned the song ‘She’s Like the Wind’, but later it was used in Dirty Dancing.

2. Most of the outdoor scenes were shot during the month of October, hence the orange leaves were painted green using sprays.

3. Jennifer Grey actually dislike Patrick Swayze when they shot for Red Dawn, so he had to convince her to be in Dirty Dancing.

4. Initially, Dr. Ruth was given the role of Mrs. Schumacher, but when she learnt that she will be a thief, she refused to act in that role.

5. Bergstein’s family would often visit the Catskills during the 1960s, inspired by the famousscreenwriter Eleanor Bergstein’s life.Till the age of 22, her name was Baby and she learnt the art of dirty dancing at parties.

6. Jennifer Grey’s character was actually 10 years younger than her original age, and she was only given 5 minutes to show that she fits the role perfectly.

7. Kelly Bishop was actually given the role of Vivian Pressman, the bungalow bunny initially, but later she was assigned the role of Baby’s mom.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker auditioned for the role of Baby, while Billy Zane auditioned for Johny.

9. Patrick Swayze sung the song ‘She’s Like the Wind’, whileSwayze and Stacy Widelitz were the co-writers of the song.

10. Conan O’Brien suggested to his viewers to send letters for the re-release of the movie, and that is why it was re-released in 1997.

11. In case you have wondered why there were no close-ups in the lake scene, the reason is that since the film was shot in the month of October, all of their lips were blue.

12. Val Kilmer rejected the offer of acting as Johnny.

13. This scene actually happened in reality, since Patrick Swayze was frustrated, and Jennifer Grey was rather ticklish.

14. Same applies for this scene. Since it was so cold outside, Jennifer and Patrick were goofing around to warm themselves up. The director found it interesting and decided to add it in the movie.

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