Internet Bullies Laughed At Her In Her Prom Dress, But Look Who’s Laughing Now!!

Kristen Layne posted photos of herself in a purple prom dress that she was trying to sell online. She was going to use the money to buy a senior prom dress. However, shortly after she posted the ad to sell the dress several mean spirited commenters said some very hateful things to Layne about her weight and appearance. For example, one commenter said “Does it fit in a durango??”
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After the hateful comments were posted lots of people retaliated with comments of support, telling Layne that she was beautiful inside and out. Layne then crowdsourced funds for her new dress. Originally she was going to raise $350 but she quickly raised $2,000 in only 3 days. Take that haters!
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She is now at $5K on go fund me. Maybe it’s time to start being nice to people and not hating on them so much
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