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After Hearing Strange Noises At Night, He Put A Hidden Camera In His Kitchen. This Is What He Found! SCARY !

We’ve all had those moments when we’ve wanted to hide a camera to catch someone, or some THING, in the act. This guy did just that.

This is Joe’s apartment

Joe heard strange noises coming from his kitchen and also found that food was missing, so he set up a hidden camera. This is a brighter, clearer version of the kitchen layout that you will see in the dark film images.

Joe setting up the camera

Here is Joe setting up the camera to find out what is going on in the middle of the night.

Dead of night

Look up at the air vent in the top right corner. We have a visitor.

Climbing Down

She’s definitely done this before. She knows just how to quietly get down into Joe’s kitchen, moving the stool from under the table.

Making herself at home

The girl takes a pee in Joe’s sink and then goes through his refrigerator, drinking out of the milk carton.

Rummaging For Food

Next she finds some food in the closet and sits down to snack.

Heading back up

And now it’s time to go, the same way she came in. Creepy, huh?
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