It seems to be trend now all these body parts that can determine your personality! We are going to show you what the shape of your finger tells us. While no system is 100 accurate I found this to be extremely close so check out what your fingers say about you.

1. So which are you A, B, or C?

Chose 1 finger, hold it up and examine it, It may not be exactly like the ones shown but go with the closest shape.

2. Type A – The Straight Finger

You are a strong independent person! You are very emotional and often sad but you hide it well and pretend to be a lot tougher then you actually are. You are honest and helpful, fair and kind.

3. Type B. – The Pointed Finger

You are dedicated and loyal. Once you set your mind to something or someone nothing can hold you back, sometimes a little clingy because you have a fear of being hurt.

4. Type C – The Big Knuckled Finger

You like to stay in your comfort zone, soft hearted and kind you prefer to accept someone’s opinion other than rock the boat. You are respectful and try to make everyone happy which often lands you in some unfamiliar situations. You do not like a challenge and prefer to let go of anger.

5. Does this really describe you?

Yes, this is what your personality is like, it is not an exact science but most people find accurate.

6. Try it with others

Share this and find out how many of you actually are what your fingers say! You may be shocked.

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