I am sure that almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has thought what happens when an astronaut dies in space. Well you are going to get your answer in this article, but let me warn you, this answer might come as a big surprise to you.


Even just a couple hundred years back, who would have thought that mankind would have been able to travel to space and even the moon? Everyone would have considered it a joke, but today that has become a reality. In fact, travelling to space nowadays has become a trivial task.

NASA is definitely the most popular space organisation in the world at the moment.

2. The Questions

Although there are several questions in people’s minds regarding space, one of the most common questions is what happens when an astronaut dies in space? What does NASA do to his or her body? Finally, we have been able to find the answer to that question. Before knowing the answer, you need to know a few important facts.

3. Important Facts

The main thing is that this situation has never happened before till now, so keep in mind that whatever is being discussed is completely hypothetical. Let’s look at the important facts.

  1. Keeping the dead body in a locker isn’t a good idea, since other crew members will be emotionally stressed.
  2. Cemetery in space is simply not a feasible solution, because constructing one would require an investment of a few million dollars. Considering the fact that MASA’s budget has been reduced currently, this is just not possible. Basically, after a person is dead, chances are that before the next shuttle arrives, that body would probably have decomposed and most of it would be destroyed.
  3. Another possible solution is to just release the body in space. But obviously no one will support this since this is completely immoral. Also, there are certain laws which prohibit this from happening. According to international space laws, garbagecan’t be dumped during orbit, since that garbage can damage other satellites or even the spacecraft as well, putting the lives of other astronauts in danger.

4. The Conclusion

One technique called “Body Back” is nowadays used. In this process, the body is put in a bag, then frozen (that is actually quite easy in space), and then after the freezing process is complete, it is vibrated which completely transforms it into fine powder. Although the process is quite fast and doesn’t cost a lot, it is definitely quite sad to imagine that the dead body of an astronaut has to go through this process.

Hopefully, a better process will be invented in future.

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