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How to Plan Your Dental Trip to Costa Rica

If you want affordable specialist care for your teeth, you need to plan your dental trip to Costa Rica well. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

How to Plan Your Dental Trip to Costa Rica

Patients are now increasingly choosing to engage in dental tourism. Dental trips to Costa Rica make up a huge chunk of their tourism industry. People come for affordable, high-quality care, and stay for the beautiful tourist destinations. But why do people from the US and Canada choose Costa Rica instead of getting their dental work done from their own countries?

Well, it all has to do with the cost of dental treatments in those countries. The cost of a single implant in the US is more than the cost of a full dental treatment, airfare, and hotels in Costa Rica!

The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide can help you plan your dental trip to Costa Rica in a matter of minutes.

Planning Your Dental Trip to Costa Rica

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when you are planning your dental trip to Costa Rica. Here is everything you need to do to have a successful trip.

Find the Right Clinic

You have to make sure that you find the right clinic that can give you the dental care that you need. There are plenty of verified, certified clinics that you can choose from. All you need to do is fill out a 2-minute form, and The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide will do the work for you. They specialize in matching patients with certified clinics according to their needs and budgets. The clinics working for them also speak fluent English and deal with foreign patients all the time, so you will have no worries.

Take Care of the Logistics

Booking a flight from your destination has never been easier. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide will do it for you. They take care of patients coming in from the US, Canada, and other parts of the world with ease and efficiency. You don’t even need to worry about the journey from the airport to the hotel. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide will send you a car – on the house.

Booking the Hotel and Making Appointments

Finding a good hotel near your Costa Rica Dental Implants clinic can also take a lot of work for someone who doesn’t know the local scene. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide helps their patients connect with the best hotels, according to their budget. They also make sure that the hotels are near the clinic so that the commute is easier.

They also take into account your schedule on the dental trip to Costa Rica. They book appointments with the clinic accordingly so that you have no issues on your trip.

Make Sure to Enjoy

It is important to remember that you are visiting one of the most beautiful destinations in the world when you make your dental trip to Costa Rica. What better way to recover from your dental procedures than to lounge on some of the most gorgeous white sand beaches in the world? So grab an “Agua Dulce” and enjoy yourself on your dental trip to Costa Rica!

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Online Dating for Modern Men

There are some men that seem to be able to get dates with a click of their fingers. However, there are also many men who really struggle when it comes to striking up conversations with new people and asking someone out on a date.
If you fall into the latter group, the good news is that you can turn to modern technology to help. We now go online for many different purposes from buying our groceries or purchasing products such as clothing to finding niche products like Hustler fragrances, booking vacations and watching movies. Unsurprisingly, many men also go online to meet new people with a view to dating.

Why Choose Online Dating?

So, what’s so good about online dating and why do so many modern men choose this route to meet new people? Well, there are many reasons why this method of dating has become so popular, one of which is the convenience that it offers. There are lots of men who lead very busy lives and work long hours, which means they have very little time to get out there and meet new people. This can make it very difficult for those who would love to meet someone special to date but online dating can help. When you use the internet to meet dates, you can chat and get to know them at any time of the night or day, which means you can fit it in around your current schedule.
As mentioned earlier, there are lots of men who do become shy and nervous around new people and this can also have a serious impact on their ability to get a date. However, online dating helps to eliminate this issue because you don’t have to chat with new people face to face when you use this method of dating. You can get to know people from the security and comfort of your own home, which also gives you the chance to increase your confidence levels. Once you get to know the people you chat to, you can then decide whether or not you feel you are compatible and whether to meet up in person.
One of the other key benefits of online dating is that you can look forward to excellent choice, which can increase the chances of you meeting that special someone considerably. There are now many different dating sites in operation, and each of these sites has many members. This makes it much easier for you to find and connect with new people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. With so many dating profiles available online, you are certain to find people who you are a good match with, and this could be the start of something very special.
As you can see, there are many benefits that come with online dating, which is why this solution has become increasingly popular over recent years. You will be able to enjoy the chances to get to know people with greater ease and the convenience of chatting from your own home.

Health and Fitness

21 Easy Tips To Control Acne In Teenagers

Teen age is no doubt an excellent phase and is also undoubtedly the most problematic age. As kids we long to become adults and live their life. As adults we yearn to become children and enjoy the bliss of childhood. The in between stage which is Teenage is the most confusing age. We are neither considered as adults nor as children during our teenage and so expectations of others from us keep confusing us. Adding to the mental confusions hormones causes so much of imbalances in us that right from mood swings to pimples and acnes, we experience all the unexpected.

While we do not have much control over many changes caused due to hormonal imbalances during teenage, one thing on which we have reasonable control is our skin problems. Many companions come uninvited and some of them are Acne, cysts, white heads, Black heads and pimples. These are highly embarrassing and cause tension due to their adamancy.

If you are suffering from teenage related skin problems like acne, remember, you are the only one suffering from the same. 90% of the teenagers around the world suffer from acne and other related skin problems.

Actually, what is Acne? 

As mentioned earlier, during teenage hormones in the body undergoes tremendous changes. The Sebaceous Glands which are otherwise in simple terms known as skin’s oil glands secretes an oily fluid named Sebum. This gets formed on the surface of the skin entering through the pores in the skin’s surface. The cells on the surface then mix creating a clog. This clogs increases in number to form pimples.

Things that aggravate Acne

01. Scrubbing in a rash manner

While Acne are not caused by dust which has been an age old belief, the clogging due to which acne or pimples are formed gets irritated when the skin is scrubbed in a harsh manner. When the skin gets irritated, more oil is produced leading to increased clogging that results in increased number of Acne and pimples

02. Meddling with the pimples

Teenagers who get affected by Acne and pimples tend to feel like just picking them out and just throw them away. This habit becomes detrimental to the pimple or acne being touched as well as the other parts touched by the finger that touched the acne and pimples. The bacterium that spreads across through the fingers creates more acne and pimples.

03. Pressure on the skin

Many things we regularly use in our day to day life tighten the skin from different angles saving the dirt accumulating on the skin, spreading the resultant bacteria. Some such things that we regularly use are tight collars, back packs and vehicle helmets we wear.

04. Unbalanced hormones in women

The fluctuations in hormone levels in women, particularly during their menstrual cycle causes acne and pimples in women to a large extent

05. Food plays a significant role

Dairy products may be one of the reasons that cause and aggravate pimples and acne. This is because animals that give us dairy product are given foods that are rich in hormones. Due to this fact, the products they give out also tend to be rich in hormones causing fluctuations of the same in humans who consume them.

Prevention and cure for Acnes in Teenage

Prevention is certainly better than cure, more so with teenage acnes. We have provided some effective ways to prevent and cure acnes that appear during teen age so the teenagers and their parents could benefit out of the same

1. Cleansing

Keeping your skin clean is the most important aspect to prevent as well as cure the acnes. When the skin is cleaned, it gets protection from getting affect with dirt and oil created by sebaceous gland. This will help the skin to be healthy in today’s context as well as avoid any breakdowns in the future. Ensure good quality soft cleansers are used on your skin to clean the same so further damage is not done to the skin.

2. Moisturizing

Irrespective of the type of skin breakouts causes damage to the skin. While oily skin directly causes skin breakouts dry skin too cause the same since our body compensates for the lack of oil in the dry skin. Using the wrong products may also make the skin coarse and hard. Start using good quality moisturizers on the skin. Add to the same a little bit of sunscreen when you venture out on the sun. This will help the skin maintain a good texture and at the same time avoid you from getting tanned due to the heat of the sun.

3. Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliating is one of the key processes in maintaining the skin in a proper manner. Usually products that exfoliate the skin comes in cream form and many quality ones are available. Choose the right one for you and exfoliate your skin. When you use an exfoliating cream, apply it and gently massage for a couple of minutes before you wash off the face. This will help your skin get rid of dust and dirt that sits on the follicles damaging the skin further

4. Tone your skin

Applying a toner after exfoliating the skin is absolutely important so that the pores which got cleared from dirt and dust after the exfoliation process remains clean. Using toning creams also helps in tighten the pores in the skin. Witch Hazel toners and those made of Apple Cider Vinegar helps a lot in toning the skin while keeping acne away.

5. Don’t meddle with your face

It is the habit of every youngster to meddle with their facial skin every now and then. Avoid touching the facial skin frequently since the dirt in your hands may settle in the face making the complete effort put in exfoliating the same a waste. This may also result in inflammation making the skin turn red

6. Drink plenty of water

Drink as much water as possible. Drinking minimum 8 to 10 glass full of water on a daily basis increases the elasticity of the skin clearing the pores and making the skin glow with radiance. Drinking a lot of water helps your skin manage its texture in a finer manner

7. Healthy diet

While eating junk food can cause damage to your skin in an indirect way to some extent, not having food that is high in nutritional value also is a major reason for getting skin related problems. Ensure you add fruits, whole grains and vegetables to your diet in a regular manner. Have food items that have high nutritional value so the good effects of the same gets reflected in your skin

8. Pillow covers matter

People suffering from acne must ensure they change their pillow covers at least once in a week so that their skin remains safely away from the dirt and bacteria on the pillow covers. Ensure these pillow covers are washed in skin friendly detergent so no allergy is caused to the skin owing to this factor

9. Kick away stress

Researches show that stress is main cause for many physical ailments, skin problems being the major ones among them. Keep away from stress and avoid getting involved in activities that may cause stress. When your mind is free of stress, it remains rejuvenated keeping your skin healthy and glowing

10. Exercise regularly

An optimized blood flow in the body helps keeps the skin healthy and rick looking. Exercising regularly helps optimize blood flow in the body. Exercise regularly and ensure you take bath after exercising so that the sweat and oils created during exercise doesn’t clog causing damage to the skin

11. Benzoyl Peroxide is highly helpful

Use products which have 3% or lesser quantities of Benzoyl Peroxide on the skin which enables growth of new cells on the skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is available in various forms and you can use them as soaps or lotions. The cleansing activity they do is a thorough one providing goodness for the existing cells.

12. Salicylic Acids help

Use Salicylic acids removes the dead skin cells while regenerates new skin cells. When the skin around the acne regions dry off, acne tend to fade over a period of time. Regularly using products that are rich in Salicylic acids helps get rid of Acne quickly in a pain free manner

13. Sulphur is an anti-Acne product

Breakouts on the skin happen when there is increased oil content get lessened in the skin. Sulphur clears off the excess oil content protecting the skin from break outs in an effective manner. Use products that have sulphur content to safeguard your skin from acnes and pimples

14. Using Retinoid will help

Dissolving the grime accumulated on the skin and clearing out the clogs formed over the skin will solve many skin related problems including acnes. Retinoid which is high in Vitamin A helps in an efficient manner to clear off these clogs and dissolving the grime accumulated on the skin. Use Retinoid frequently as recommended to get rid of acnes and pimples particularly during teen age

15. Tea Tree Oil is highly effective

The antibacterial qualities of Tea Tree Oil work on the microbes which are the basic causes for your skin pores getting clogged. Take a little bit of Tea Tree Oil and apply very gently on the acnes. Applying excess of Tea Tree Oil may make the skin red causing irritation

16. Facial peels will do wonders

Getting rid of microbes and dead skin will help safeguard oneself from skin related problems and in particular acnes. The gel form in which facial peels comes helps in getting rid of these microbes and dead skins reducing the occurrence of skin break out. Such facial peels also helps in maintaining the skin healthy when used regularly.

17. Treating through Laser

Glands that remain underneath the skin secreting oils is the main cause for many of the skin related issues more predominantly acnes. Laser treatments provide effective solution for this problem by killing the oil secreting glands underneath the skin. While it may be a painful experience the solution provided appears to be worth the pain

18. Treatment through light

This is a kind of treatment where a unique wand is used to slam the bacteria with the help of soft pulses of light rays. This is a painless and easy way to get rid of skin breakouts in an effective manner

19. Sleep well

Sleeping well helps the body to rejuvenate the skin cells. Ensure you sleep at a fixed time every day. Sleeping for eight hours completely helps your body to help your skin remain healthy and glowing

20. Apply make up with oil free products

Avoiding make up is the first recommendation for those people who are suffering from severe acnes and pimples. However, if you cannot avoid makeup at least use only oil-free products for making up. Using low quality make up products which can be harsh on skin may cause more damage to the skin. Remember, heavy makeup done to hide those skin breakouts is always harmful to skin since it is going to clog the pores throughout the day till the makeup is done away with

21. Use clean gadgets

By gadgets, we do not mean the creams and other stuff that touches your face regularly. We mean the electronic items that come very close to your face, sometimes even touching them. Some such gadgets we could think of are ear phones and mobile phones. Get them cleaned regularly particularly when you are using them after someone else has used them.
Teenage is a wonderful stage in life. Whether or not you have acne and pimple glowing with radiance in that young age is of high importance. Ensure nothing comes your way to spoil your looks. Take care of your skin in a meticulous manner by cultivating healthy habits and we bet you will just enjoy your teenage without any blemishes


It Was A Normal Christmas Celebration Until The Family Members Did This…

Christmas is the perfect holiday for many of us; we get to meet our friends and family members after a long time, and everyone cherishes these moments for eternity. This incident happened in 2013 when Jamie’s boyfriend did something surprising during Christmas. Jamie, her boyfriend, and family members all had various custom designed T-shirts on, and they posed for a picture in such a way that it said “Merry X-Mas,” but soon that message changed to “Marry Me,” where her boyfriend proposed Jamie at the moment!

1. Initially, the way they lined up, it read “Merry Xmas.”

2. And then they changed their positions within a few seconds.

3. But now, instead of “Merry Xmas,” as you can see the message was “Marry Me”!

4. In case you are wondering what this meant, this was a surprise that was planned by Jamie’s boyfriend and family members for her on Christmas.

5. Jamie didn’t notice this since she was sitting next to her boyfriend.

6. But she was stunned when she looked at the picture!

Watch the video below to know more! Isn’t it great that Jamie’s boyfriend surprised her this way and possibly gave her one of the greatest gifts in her lifetime on Christmas? Let us know what you think about this. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.



Japanese Artist Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Stunning Pieces Of Art

You have probably heard the quote – “Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf.”

During the leaf falling season, we usually just dump all the fallen leaves into a dustbin, but some people in Japan can create wonders out of them. They see art in those beautiful red and yellow maple leaves. Check out these stunning pieces of art which have been created by a Japanese artist simply by using fallen leaves. His creativity has rendered me speechless. Read on to know more.

1. Nature’s creativity

In this romantic season, even Nature is showing its love.

2. Breath-taking!

This image has made me speechless; it shows how creative human beings can be.

3. But so are children

Did you notice the cute kitty they created in the centre?

4. Beautiful pattern

Doesn’t this pattern look awesome with so many golden leaves?

5. Butterfly

Excellent idea and implementation from the creator.

6. Winnie The Pooh

Must have taken a lot of time and effort to create this one.

7. Dragon

Excellent use of the colours to show the dragon breathing fire.

8. Her best friend

She looks so happy, lying beside her friend!

9. Rabbit

Rabbits are so cute; don’t you think?

10. Rose

Now this is what I call a masterpiece; I am speechless at the moment.

11. Mistletoe

Signifies that Christmas is just round the corner.

12. Beautiful Lady

13. Hello Kitty

Kitty has always been there for us when we were children remember?

14. Shrine

A beautiful created outside the shrine to complement its beauty.

15. Heart

A cute little heart to make your day bright!

16. Awesome patterns!

I can’t even start to comprehend how much time and effort have been invested in creating this art.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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16 People Reveal The Most Shocking Confessions About Flirting !

Helen Rowland has said, “Flirting from a girl’s perspective is the gentle art of making a man pleased with himself.” But some people can’t flirt properly. Some of them are so poor at this that they dread facing such situations. Sometimes, they try to overact and get too excited, ultimately making a mockery of themselves in the end.

Here, we present 16 instances where people failed in hilarious ways while trying to flirt. They are great for a good laugh, but you should also note that you never repeat these mistakes if you ever face a similar situation.


1) Fruit in town

She should have thought about it first before saying anything.

2. Love her accent!

If you want to be a good flirter, you need to start learning the difference between speech impediments and accents.

3. Dick joke

You need to brush up your humour a bit, lady.

4. Big potato

Well, that was hilarious!

5. Well that was embarrassingly bad.

But I am sure she has improved her flirting skills a lot by now.

6. Gay

She needs to work on her communication skills.

7. Feel sorry for the guy

She should have been a bit more careful.

8. Eel

How can someone even think of such a horrible line?

9. Avril Lavigne

Seems to be a big fan of her.

10. Poor girl

She doesn’t even know her name!

11. Ears!

Even her crush has ears! Isn’t that crazy?

12. Starbucks

Just finish your coffee properly the next time instead of flirting.

13. This is epic!

She won’t flirt for a long time after this epic failure!

14. Kick in the nose

That must have hurt pretty bad.

15. No more bananas

Be a bit more careful while eating bananas the next time!

16. Air

I am pretty sure that everyone likes the oxygen in the air!

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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Top 9 Dirtiest Body Parts. This Is Shocking!

Human beings are probably the greatest creation of God – a perfectly efficient machine that is capable of such wonders. The human body is incredibly complex, and we still don’t know exactly how each and every part works.

The design of the human body is amazing – the cells are the building blocks of life and combination of trillions of cells leads to us. How they work in unison to create consciousness is still a mystery.

Although the human body is efficient, that doesn’t mean there is any accumulation of dirt and germs. Some body parts are notorious as breeding grounds for bacteria. Let’s take a look at the nine dirtiest body parts. I am sure you will be shocked by some of them!


1. Mouth

This isn’t a surprise for anyone; the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body. Studies have shown that there are over 600 different types of bacteria in the mouth. You can now understand why there is always bad breath if you don’t brush your teeth regularly.

2. Armpits

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as well. Around 80,000 bacteria are residing in this body part, which is why chances of a stinking smell coming from your armpits are high. Don’t forget to wash this area regularly.

3. Head

Do you experience itching often? It might be due to a combination of dandruff and the bacteria living in your head. If you don’t want hair fall, take special care of your head and wash it thoroughly daily.

4. Ears

Ears rank 4th in our list of the dirtiest body parts. But cleaning the ears is quite easy since it creates a waxy substance, which can be removed using ear buds. Doing this once every two weeks is more than enough.

5. Tongue

Have you ever seen your tongue’s colour change from pink to yellow or even gray when you are sick or have an infection? Your tongue is a breeding ground for tons of bacteria. Hence it is recommended to use tongue cleaners at regular intervals.

6. Anus

Our digestive system is the home to several types of bacteria which get to the anus, turning it into one of the dirtiest body parts.

7. Nasal Cavity

This too is not a surprise at all; the nose is the breeding ground for several types of bacteria. When you have a cold, its the nose trying to get rid of the bacteria. Also, if you scratch or finger your nose too much, chances of catching a nasal infection are highly increased.

8. Finger Nails

Fingernails carry a lot of germs, while dirt gets accumulated under the fingernails. This is extremely unhygienic since it can become a breeding ground for deadly bacteria and microbes.

9. Belly Button

There is no doubt that the belly button is one of the dirtiest body parts. Even though you might think it’s clean, there are lots of bacteria residing there which cannot be seen without a microscope.

Watch this video below to know more


Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Heart Wrenching Photos Showing Horrible Life Of African Prostitutes


Almost everyone is aware of the fact that the conditions of people living in African villages is simply terrible. Racism has affected the majority of Africa, especially the women. This is evident from the pictures of videos of Nigerian sex workers who are now in Italy and are still living in terrible conditions.

1. Poverty is the main reason why people are compelled to leave their own countries.

2. You would be surprised to know that the number of Nigerian sex workers in Italy is anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000.

3. They are not able to afford a proper house with even a single room since they are only paid 10 Euros.

4. Hence, they are compelled to stay in the jungle and the bushes. And even shocking is the fact that they mostly have drugs for food.

5. They are trained from a young age to join this industry just to earn a bit.

6. They must be incredibly courageous and strong-willed to be able to leave their country like this.

7. In case you are wondering where these pictures came from, these were captured by Paolo Patrizi who is creating a documentary on them.

8. You are probably thinking how they can live in such horrible conditions.

9. Unfortunately, the sex workers don’t have any other option since they are not as fortunate as the others. Hence, this marsh is their only place.

10. This one is still better than the other places since this one has at least drapes.

11. Seeing them in this condition is extremely painful.

Hopefully, we will be able to do something soon to improve their lives.

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Top 10 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Which Can Even End Your Life

Diseases that are transmitted by any form of intercourse are classified as sexually transmitted diseases.

Hundreds of people every day get affected by these sexually transmitted diseases without even knowing about it. And even if people know that they are affected, they don’t speak about it, especially because of the stigma associated with these sexually transmitted diseases. However, most people only know about the common STDs and have no idea about the many other diseases which can have severe symptoms and consequences in the end.

Let’s take a look at the STDs that you should keep an eye out for.

1. Chlamydia

The usual symptoms of this disease are feeling a burning sensation while urinating, along with abnormal genital discharge. This condition can occur, irrespective of gender. It can lead to pain during sex, back pain, nausea, and intense, abnormal pain if not treated as soon as it is detected.


One of the most life-threatening diseases in the world is AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). As the name suggests, the Immunodeficiency virus is behind this deadly disease. This is an STD as it can spread by bodily fluids, which consist of saliva, sperm and also vaginal discharge.
While most people know that AIDS might end your life if you are affected by it, they should also know that preventing the spread of this disease is also easy – you only need to use condoms during sex.

3. HPV

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is rather common, and it has been found that almost 1/4th of the entire women population is affected by this sexually transmitted disease. Also, around half of the total population has HPV. The most common symptoms of HPV is wart growth.

4. Genital warts

The human papillomavirus is responsible for this disease. Condyloma is the most common symptom of this disease. These warts appear on the skin and can spread throughout the body.

5. Hepatitis B

You have probably heard of Hepatitis B, and you also probably know that although it can be sexually transmitted, it is mainly spread through infected needles. While it won’t change the genitals, it can cause a lot of damage to the liver.

6. Gonorrhoea

Gonorrhoea is a deadly bacterial STD. For males, the usual symptom is an abnormal white, green or yellow discharge from the penis, and they might even experience pain while urinating. However, for women, there are no symptoms at all.

7. Syphilis

Syphilis is another serious sexually transmitted disease, and a spiral bacteria is responsible for this. It can even prove to be life threatening if not treated at the right time.

8. Public lice

We all know what lice are – they reside under the hair. Typically, lice are usually found on the scalp and can be removed quite easily. However, you might catch public lice through sexual transmission. These parasites feed on blood and are usually found in public hair, but can also be found in other hairy places as well such as chest hair, eyelashes, etc.

9. Trichomoniasis

Women are affected by this STD, where the symptoms include heavy discharge and accumulation in the vagina. Small parasites residing in the vagina are responsible for this disease.

10. Herpes

Almost everyone knows about herpes. Its common symptoms are sores which grow in the genital areas. However, it can also develop around the mouth too. There is no treatment for herpes till now, so once you catch it, there is nothing you can do to get rid of it.
These are the top 10 sexually transmitted disease that you should be aware of. You should be careful when having intercourse and ensure that you always choose protected sex to keep yourself safe. Hope you have found this article useful, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

Animals & Pets

24 Animals That Are Deadliest To Have Around

Who do you think is the deadliest creature in the world? You are probably thinking of lions, tigers, crocodiles, maybe even snakes. There is no doubt that these are ferocious animals and can easily kill you if they want to.

But sometimes size isn’t all that matters. Some creatures can cause diseases which can prove to be life-threatening, and these are even more dangerous.

So let’s find out which creature is responsible for the maximum number of deaths per year.


24. Alligators

Their kill rate is one human being per year.
It is probably a bit surprising to see that the alligator is at the last rank, considering how deadly the animal is. Hopefully, you can understand what is in store for you on the following pages.

23. Sharks.

Their kill rate is five human beings in a year.
We all have an idea of the deadly nature of whales, thanks to the countless movies based on this ocean predator.

22. Wolves

Their kill rate is ten human beings every year.
Wolves are extremely ferocious and will show you no mercy if you somehow wind up in front of one of these deadly creatures.

21. Horses

Their kill rate is 20 human beings per year.
A bit shocking, isn’t it? We all thought that horses are not capable of any violent acts, but in that case, you have probably never seen a raged horse.

20. Leopards

They kill around 29 human beings every year.
This wild cat can kill you in an instant, so stay out of its way at all costs.

19. Ants

They kill around 30 people in a year.
This is also a shocker, isn’t it? Just imagine that this tiny creature is even deadlier than an alligator. Main reason is that they are always in groups and a human being is no match for a massive colony of poisonous ants.

18. Jellyfish

This particular species kills around 40 people per year.
This particular species of Jellyfish was a popular wallpaper back in the days when Windows XP was popular, but don’t be fooled, it can kill you in an instant.

17. Bees

Their kill rate is around 53 per year.
Not only are they experts at sucking nectar from flowers, but they can also quickly suck your life out if you bother them.

16. Deer

They are responsible for around 130 deaths per year.
The main reason behind the deaths is car crashes which are caused by the deer running in front of the car as it tries crossing the roads.

15. African Cape Buffalo

They ramp on 200 people approximately per year.

14. Lion

They kill around 250 human beings every year.
Its not at all surprising that the king of the jungle has found a place on this list. It doesn’t prefer others disturbing, so don’t wander too close trying to take its pictures, or you might just lose your dear life.

13-12. Elephants and Hippos

They kill around 500 people each year, hence combining their figures, it amounts to a total of 1000 deaths per year.
You might think that hippos and elephants are too slow due to their massive size, but don’t let that fool you. A mere push might kill you, so stay away from them at all costs.

11. Crocodile

Crocodiles kill around 1000 human beings per year, which is the combined figures of hippos and elephants.
Did you know that crocodiles are the biggest lizards in the world? Considering that fact, the crocodiles should have been a bit higher on the list!

10. Tapeworms

Around 2000 people are killed by tapeworms every year.
The tapeworm is a microscopic creature, but it is deadliest due to its tiny size. It gets into your digestive system and gradually prevents its proper functioning, resulting ultimately in the death of the host.

9. Ascaris Roundworms

Their kill rate is 2500 per year.
They too work in a similar way to the tapeworms. Can you imagine how deadly these creatures can prove to be if they somehow get into your body?

8. Scorpion

Around 3250 people get killed by the venomous sting of the scorpion.
Scorpions are extremely poisonous and are mostly found in the deserts, so if you are planning a vacation to any desert shortly, you might want to reconsider it

7-6-5. 3 Insects – ‘Freshwater Snails,’ ‘Tsetse Flies’ and ‘Assassin Bugs.’

These three insects each kill around 10,000 people each year. This results in a whopping 30,000 deaths per year if we combine their figures.
These insects can come near you at any time, so stay alert and safe!

4. Dogs

Around 25,000 human beings are killed by dogs every year.
You are probably shocked right now! How can man’s best friend betray him this way? As surprising as this sounds, it is true. So you might want to train your dog properly from now on!

3. Snakes

They kill around 50,000 people each year.
Snakes are the most venomous reptiles, so it’s no surprise that they rank 3rd on this list.

2. Humans

People kill around 475,000 persons per year!
I am sure you were not expecting this. But it’s no surprise that people can kill others for their benefits. With so many murders and bombings every year, this figure is certainly not surprising.

1. Mosquitos

They are responsible for deaths of approximately a million people each year.
So the winner of this list is the mosquitos. I am sure you thought some other creature would have taken the first place but don’t be fooled by the sizes of these blood suckers. They are the deadliest creatures in the world.
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Health and Fitness

Soursop – A Fruit With Amazing Benefits That You Had No Idea About

Have you heard of a fruit called soursop? Maybe you know it by its more familiar name – Graviola. It is found in South American and Southeast Asian forests. It is shaped like a heart and is coloured green. It tastes sweet and sour and has a strong smell. People also call it by other names such as Guanabana, Brazilian paw, prickly Custard Apple, sapote and Cherimoya based on the places where it is found. Its name is ‘Laxman Phal’ in Hindi.

It possesses certain amazing medicinal properties which have made it quite popular recently. It can also help in treating certain diseases. Read on to know how you can benefit by using this amazing fruit soursop.

1. Treatment of back pain

Back pain is common these days, especially among elder people. To reduce the pain, people resort to painkillers which can be extremely harmful to the body later on. A better alternative is using an herbal remedy prepared from Soursop, which has proven to be quite effective in treating back pain.
You simply have to take a few soursop leaves, boil them in water, and then drink the solution once every day. You should start seeing results pretty soon.

2. Solving the problem of osteoporosis

Soursop is rich in calcium and phosphorus which is excellent at preventing the onset of osteoporosis since It makes your bones stronger.

3. No more haemorrhoids

It has been found that soursop can substantially reduce the problem of haemorrhoids. You simply have to squeeze the juice out of the fruit and then drink it daily twice.

4. Get rid of constipation

Since Soursop is rich in fibers, it can quickly solve the problem of constipation since those fibers assist in proper digestion.

5. Prevent infections by boosting the immune system

It has found out that soursop leaves have the medicinal property of boosting the immune system, so consuming these leaves can prevent infections in the body.

6. Solve the problem of diabetes

Soursop leaves are extremely nutritious which can be of immense help in keeping the blood sugar levels in the normal range – from 70 mg to 120 mg. Thus, you no longer need to spend money on expensive chemical medicals to control your diabetes.

7. Treatment of skin diseases such as eczema and boils

Soursop leaves can be excellent in treating skin diseases such as ulcers and eczema. Just place a few leaves on the affection region. Another solution is to extract the pulp from the leaves and apply that on the affected parts.

8. Anti-ageing properties

As said earlier, soursop is an excellent source of ascorbic acid and Vitamin C, which helps in increasing the number of antioxidants, which are known to help with wrinkles and fine lines which appear with old age.

9. Get rid of lice

Soursop’s medicinal properties are endless; it is beneficial for your hair as well. It can prevent any growth of parasites including head lice, so you should apply soursop leaf decoction on your scalp regularly to remove lice.

10. Other benefits

Soursop’s benefits don’t end here; it can also help in improving appetite, treating swollen injuries and inflammation, etc.
Thus, you know the top benefits of soursop – a fruit you probably have never heard of before. So now that you know these benefits, we believe that you will start implementing them in your life. Hopefully, you have found this article useful, and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

This Guy Is Known As Worst Teacher In The World For What He Does To His Students After Making Them Sleep In Class !

We all know how tiring it is to attend a boring lecture, right? In case you are a student who often falls asleep thanks to these boring lectures, you are going to be completely shocked after reading this article. Most teachers don’t deliberately make the lectures boring, but this teacher intentionally gives boring lectures to make the students sleepy in class.

We often come across articles about teachers harassing students and then ultimately getting fired. This teacher is similar, but his students don’t even get to know about that because he makes them fall asleep with his boring lectures! Read on to find out more.

1. This is the worst teacher in the world.

2. The teacher tries to make his students fall asleep in the class by intentionally giving boring lectures.

3. What he does next in class is unimaginable.

4. Can you imagine a teacher who steals from his students?

5. You will be shocked to see that he steals snacks and even headphones from his students.

6. What he did next is beyond imagination.

7. He dared to press the breasts of one of her female students.

8. He didn’t stop there; he asked her to stay after class even though all students have gone, and did something terrible.

9. If your teacher is an expert in giving boring lectures too, then you need to stay alert at all times.

10.Watch this video below to know more



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