Well, Google is perhaps one of the most popular web browsers for searching almost anything we wasn’t to know. However, most of us might be blissfully unaware of the 10 various Google secrets.

Cool Google Secrets & Tricks You Never Knew Existed

They are as follows:

1. Flip the coin :

When you are unable to make any important decision, what exactly do you do? You just resort to flipping a coin for that. Now you have Google to rescue you. Just you need to type Flip a Coin and then on I am feeling lucky and Google gives your result.

Google Secrets Flip the coin

2. Roll a dice:

Well, many of us just love to play the game of dice. For this, you can just type Roll a dice in Google and the 6 sided cubic dice appear in a jiffy.
10 Cool Google Secrets & Tricks You Never Knew Existed!

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