A keen Cleveland incredible grandma has busted a sex offender who was earlier convicted and safeguarded a 17-year-old young lady just after to seeing the man driving around with what she believed was a youngster wrapped thoroughly in a blanket. Christine Thornton said she saw the 46-year-old sex offender drive just by her home a few times with a passenger totally wrapped by a blanket.

Records indicate clearly that the suspicious man was driving by a grandma Christine Thorton’s house is in certainty a listed sexual offender. The unidentified man had lately escaped jail after almost 12 years of imprisonment and that he is on parole, as per the WJW-TV. He has various offenses against him by a few underage victims who had fallen prey to him before.

This last Thursday great-grandmother Christine Thorton carefully observed that a doubtful man was driving around her house in a car. Her doubts and suspicions led her to confront the man. She knew about the man after an alert was sent out. The criminal has been convicted of sexual assaults against three underage girls.

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